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Index of Online Faceting Articles, Tips and How-to

Articles by Jon Rolfe
How to Build Your Own Faceting Machine
The Model J-2 Prototype
The "Revision X". 6-4 Titanium and 303 Stainless!
Build Your Own Digital Angle Readouts
Charging a New Metal Lap
Basic Lap Making
Casting a Lap
New Mexico Faceters Guild
Selected Articles from the NMFG Newsletter
The Prez Sez: Montana Sapphires, Nancy Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, May-June, 1996.
The Prez Sez: Cutting Benitoite, Nancy Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, July-August, 1996.
Diamonds, The Most Complex Gemstones, Merrill O. Murphy, NMFG Newsletter, July-August, 1996.
Surface Characteristics of Some Faceted Gemstones, Many with Polishing History, Scott R. Willson, NMFG Newsletter, March/April 1996.
The Prez Sez: Do you have a surplus of gemstones?, Moss Aubrey, NMFG Newsletter, November/December 96.
The Historical Significance of Turquoise, Nancy L. Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, November/December 96.
Grit Size Paradox, Stephen Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, January-February 1997.
SUCCINITE/AMBER/WHEELERITE -or WHATEVER, Merrill O. Murphy, with dopping advice from Scott Wilson, NMFG Newsletter, January-February 1997.
Merrill O. Murphy, with dopping advice from Scott Wilson, NMFG Newsletter, January-February 1997.
The Prez Sez: Montana sapphires, Moss Aubrey, NMFG Newsletter, January-February 1997.
The Prez Sez: History of American Sapphire Mining, Moss Aubrey, NMFG Newsletter, March-April 1997.
My New Concentric Faceting Machine Design,Introduction, History And Background, W.R. Deazley,NMFG Newsletter, March-April 1997.
The Prez Sez: Recent Developments in Mining and Marketing Montana Sapphire, Moss Aubrey, NMFG Newsletter, March-April 1997.
In the Land of Wax N' Glue, Merrill O. Murphy, NMFG Newsletter, May-June 1997.
More Dopping Tips,Stephen W. Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, May-June 1997.
Update on Synthetic Diamonds, Heidi Ruffner, NMFG Newsletter, May-June 1997.
Program Speaker: Dr. Ralph Dawson, Crystal Grower, by Scott Wilson, NMFG Newsletter, May-June 1997.
The Prez Sez: Gemstone Appeal, Moss Aubrey,NMFG Newsletter, September-October 1997.
Program Speaker: Jane Ward, Diamond Expert, By Nancy Attaway,NMFG Newsletter, September-October 1997.
Briolette Adhesion Technique, Steve Green, Rough and Ready Gems, Inc., NMFG Newsletter, September-October 1997.
Fine Cabinet Makers Don't Use Chain Saws, Stephen Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, November-December 1997.
Planning for Adventures in Faceting, M. O. Murphy, NMFG Newsletter, November-December 1997.
The Causes of Color in Minerals and Gemstones, Paul Hlava, NMFG Newsletter, January-February, 1998.
A Short History of Light: The Spectroscope, Stephen and Nancy Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, January-February 1998
Faceting Pallasite Peridot, Nancy Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, January-February 1998
Yogo Sapphires, By Jane R. Ward (and Nancy L. Attaway), NMFG Newsletter, January-February 1998
Program Speaker: Paul Hlava - The Mechanisms of Color Phenomenon, NMFG Newsletter, May-June 1998.
Program Speaker: Arthur Skuratowicz on the problems encountered during gemstone identification,, by Nancy Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, July-August 1998.
Program Speaker: Paul Hlava - Crystallography and Crystal Shapes, NMFG Newsletter, September/October 1998.
Program Speaker: Douglas Irving, a professional geologic engineer, NMFG Newsletter, November-December 1998.
Program Speaker: New Mexico Orogrande Turquoise, Virgil Lueth, NMFG Newsletter, January-February, 1999.
The Mystery of Gemstone Polish Part 1, Stephen Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, January-February, 1999.
Mineralogical Notes on the "New Tourmalines from Nigeria", Paul Hlava , NMFG Newsletter, January-February, 1999.
Optical Axis Tips, Charles W. Covill, NMFG Newsletter, January-February, 1999.
Program Speaker: Mines, Men, and Minerals - An Update on Mineral Collecting in The Hansonburg District, Michael R. Sanders and Thomas M. Massis, NMFG Newsletter, March-April 1999.
Preston Equation, Stephen Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, March-April 1999.
Usage of Snellís Law, by Will Moats, NMFG Newsletter, May-June 1999.
Program Speaker: Bruce Bunker: enviromentally-caused fracture and crack growth in glass. by Stephen Attaway and Susan Wilson, NMFG Newsletter, May-June 1999.
Program Speaker: Dr. Jill Glass on "Brittle Material Fracture and Fractography," NMFG Newsletter, July/August 1999.
Selling Jewelry on Ebay, By Will Moats, NMFG Newsletter, September-October 1999.
Program Speaker: Scott Sucher, Replica Diamonds, by Nancy L. Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, September-October 1999.
Program Speaker: Robert Eveleth, Overview of early mining history in New Mexico, by Nancy L. Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, November-December, 1999.
Program Speaker: Mark Guerin, Master jeweler and Watchmaker, by Nancy L. Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, March-April 2000.
Program Speaker: Scott Sucher on the marvelous world of diamonds, Text by Nancy L. Attaway, NMFG Newsletter, May-June 2000.

Let's Talk Gemstones by Edna B. Anthony
Beryl, Part 1 Red Beryl
Beryl, Part 2 Green, Yellow-Green, and Brownish-Yellow-Green
Beryl, Part 3 Goshenite
Beryl, Part 4 Morganite
Emerald, Part 1
Emerald, Part 2
Opal, Part 1
Opal, Part 2
Uncommon Sorosilicates
More Sorosilicates
United States Faceters Guild
Articles from the USFG Faceting FAQs
Faceting Machine Alignment by Paul Head
Books about Faceting
Get Rid of Cheater! by Glenn Klein
Competition Cutting:
Competition Cutting by Art Kavan
Cutting and Polishing Against the Stop by Glenn Klein
How to Go from Novice to World Class Facetor by Glenn Klein
Judging Competition with Microscopes by Glenn Klein
Cutting and Polishing CZ:
Faceting CZ by Carl Unruh
Dopping Proceedure by Glenn Klein
Dopping with 5-Minute Epoxy by Jonathan Rolfe
Dopping with Adhesives by Charles Covill
Dopping with Black Wax is not a Black Art by Bob Keller
Dopping with Superglue by Rob Meredith, Blaise Harper and Dianne
Gemstone Design:
Choosing the Best Angles for Your SRB by Bob Keller
Design Principles by Fred Van Sant
Getting Rid of Those Bow Tie Blues by Bob Keller
Idiots Guide to Gemstone Geometry by Fred Van Sant
Suggested Procedure For Executing ISO Brightness Contour Maps by Jack E. Gross
To Compute or Not to Compute by Fred Van Sant
Gemstone Properties:
Properties of Commonly Faceted Minerals and Materials
Faceting Guilds, Clubs and Schools
IFC History:
History of the International Challenge Cup Competition by Glenn Klein
Art Kavan's Facetron Installation by Art Kavan
The History of the Beale/Woolley Depth of Cut Indicator by Marcus Beale and Dave Woolley
About Pitch Laps by Fred Van Sant
Charging Cutting Laps and Scoring Polish Laps by Glenn Klein
Audio: Tips On Using A Ceramic Lap by Charlie Hettich (requires RealPlayer)
Using Copper Laps to Cut with Diamond by Sumner Olsen
Using the Cermaic Lap by Art Kavan
A Brilliant Experiment by C.W.F.G.
Faceting Machine Manufacturers
A Faceting Breakthrough for Corundum, CZ and Spinel on Ceramic by Tom Gray
Polishing on Water by Glenn Klein
Thoughts on Polishing with Diamond by Fred Van Sant
Be a Performer, Not a Preformer by Glenn Klein
Best Index Numbers for Ovals by Fred Van Sant
C.A.M. Preform: The Cone by Fred Van Sant
Preforming: What's The Best Way ? by Fred Van Sant
Refractive Index:
Refractive Index and Critical Angle by Bob Keller
Scratches et al:
Scratches from the Master Lap by Dave Wooley Sequencing:
A Method for Sequencing the Crown by Glenn Klein
Sequencing Facets by Fred Van Sant
Sequencing the Crown by Fred Van Sant
Tangent Ratio:
Gemstone Design Conversion Using the Tangent Ratio Method by Bob Keller
Cutting by Ear by Bob Keller
Faceting Dictionary by Fred Van Sant
Various Sources on the WWW
Selected Articles and Gemstone Pages by a Potporri of Authors
Making a Gemstone, Glen W. Probst
Concave Faceting
Bob's Rock Shop
Articles from Perfect Transfer
Faceters Symposium 2000, Bob Keller
Faceting Fascinates, Ruth Chin
Faceting as a Hobby, Jack Christianson
Refractive Index and Critical Angle, Bob Keller
Getting Rid of Those Bow Tie Blues, Bob Keller
Dopping with Black Wax is Not a Black Art, Bob Keller
Gemstone Design Conversion Using the Tangent Ratio Method, Bob Keller
Faceting by Hand, Bob Jones
A Visual Stop for the Graves Faceting Machines, Ken Wetz
Properties of Commonly Faceted Minerals and Materials, Bob Keller
Faceting Guilds and Clubs List, Bob Keller
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