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Advice for Beginners - Nine Lessons Learned from Experience
Here's some sage, time honored and often hard won advice for beginning mineral collectors from the voice of experience.

Anthony's Nose, New York

In this extensively researched and lavishly illustrated article, New York Mineral Club member John Betts reviews the history and current status of three New York State mineral localities east of the Hudson River. Minerals may still be easily collected at these sites, two of which are over 150 years old and long forgotten. The exact localities, mineral occurrences and present collecting opportunities are described.

You might say this one hits Right on the Nose! ;)

A Field Guide to Mineral Collectors

Editor's note: This humorous and insightful article by John won a first prize in the Eastern Federation of Mineral and Lapidary Societies bulletin competition. Congratulations John! The Shop also wishes to extend a special thanks to Tucson rockhound Richard Hix for creating the collector illustrations.

So, how many of these collector types are you personally familiar with? Care to pick out which of these types best describes you?

Mineral Prices: Why So High?   Here's another humorous and revealing article by John that strikes a lot closer to the truth behind sky high mineral prices than many mineral dealers (and collectors) would care to admit. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...;)

Dealing with Dealers   Here's some time-honored tips on purchasing mineral specimens from dealers at shows, and some advice on how to effectively negotiate price with them.

Mineral Cleaning

An award winning four part how-to series on cleaning mineral specimens by John Betts is published here in its entirety. John presents and covers basic chemical cleaning techniques utilizing acids and solvents, and mechanical techniques which employ tools such as dental picks, brushes, ultrasonic cleaners, sand and bead blasters, air scribes and water guns. Got some rusty quartz crystals? Bothered by a bad case of calcite encrustation? With these techniques and a little practice, you can have your own grungy field collected specimens looking as fine as those on dealer's shelves!

Largest Mineral Crystals on Record   How about a garnet that is 60 Meters Across!?

Display Lighting of Minerals   Your collection isn't still in the dark, is it? In Display Lighting of Minerals John covers light sources, bulb types, color temperature, wattage, heat, fixtures and other considerations in using light effectively to display minerals and to illuminate mineral cases.

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