Rock and Fossil Stamps of the United States

1934 National Parks Year Commemorative - 10 Stamp Set

1948 California Gold Centenial

954: 3 Cent California Gold Centenial California - Issiued 1-24-48
Sutter's Mill, Coloma, California
Designed by Charles R. Chickering

1950 California Statehood Commemorative

997: 3 Cent Gold Prospector and Oil Derricks California - Issiued 9-9-50

1952 Mount Rushmore Memorial

1011: 3 Cent Mt. Rushmore Black Hills of South Dakota - Issued 8-11-52
Designed by William K. Schrage.

1956 Devils Tower Commemorative

1084: 3 Cent Devils Tower Wyoming - Issued 9-24-56.
Designed by Charles R. Chickering.

1959 Silver Centenial

1130: 4 Cent Silver Centenial - Issued 6-8-59
Henry Comstock at Mount Davidson
Designed by Robert L. Miller and W.K. Schrage.

1959 Petroleum Industry Centenial

1134: 4 Cent Oil Derrick - Issued 8-27-59
Centenary of the United States' first oil well at Titusville, Pennsylvania
Designed by Robert Foster.

1970 Natural History Issue - 4 Stamp Set

1390: 6 Cent Age of Reptiles - Issued 5-6-70
Adapted from Rudolf Zallinger mural by Robert J. Jones.

1972 National Parks Centenial

1453: 8 Cent Old Faithful Yellowstone Park, Wyoming - Issued 3-1-72
Designed by Robert Handville

1974 Mineral Heritage Commemorative - 4 Stamp Set
Issued 6-13-74

1982 Knoxville World's Fair Energy Commemorative - 4 Stamp Set
Designed by Charles Harper - Issued 4-29-82

1990 Grand Canyon Commemerative

2512: 25 Cent Grand Canyon - Issued 10-12-90
Designed by Mark Hess.

1992 Minerals Commemorative - 4 Stamp Set
Designed by Leonard Buckley - Issued 9-17-92

1996 Utah Centenial Commemorative

3024: 32 Cent Rock Arch Utah - Issued 1-4-96
Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah
Designed by McRay Magleby

1996 Prehistoric Animals Issue - 4 Stamp Set
Designed by Davis Meltzer - Issued 6-8-96

Souvenir Pictorial Cancellation for Prehistoric Mammal Stamps
Special Post Office Provides Cancellations at Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park

The Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park in cooperation with the Royal, Nebraska Post Office provided a special pictorial cancellation in conjunction with the US prehistoric mammal stamps issued on June 8th, 1996.

The four 32-cent postage stamps feature a mammoth, mastodon, the dawn-horse Eohippus, and the saber-tooth cat Smilodon. The souvenir envelope features a picture of a group of Ashfall horses (Pliohippus). The pictorial cancellation was used only on June 28-29, and only at Ashfall...after that the cancellation stamp was destroyed. These are not first day covers, but should be pretty collectable anyway! Stamps and special souvenir envelopes were offered in advance by mail order request and at the park on the two cancellation days. The souvenir envelope and pictorial cancellation sold for $2.00 with one stamp; $3.00 for the same with a block of all four stamps.

If you missed these special Ashfall covers and want one for your collection, the Shop has a couple of them available for trade only.

1997 World of Dinosaurs Issue - 15 Stamp Set

A Scene from Colorado 150 Million Years Ago

A Scene from Montana 75 Million Years Ago

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