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Introduction to Crystallography and Mineral Crystal Systems
Written by Mike Howard - Illustrated by Darcy Howard

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Crystal Forms and Symmetry Classes
Part 3: The Cubic (Isometric) System
Part 4: The Tetragonal System
Part 5: The Orthorhombic System
Part 6: The Hexagonal System
Part 7: The Monoclinic System
Part 8: The Triclinic System
Part 9: Summary and Conclusion, Further Reading

About the Authors...
Mike Howard jmichaelhoward@sbcglobal.net Darcy Howard
Mike has been a mineral collector for over 30 years, the last 22 of which he has been employeed by the Arkansas Geological Commission as a geologist. Intrigued by crystal forms and how they relate to minerals and the stories they tell about mineral formation, he is most interested in crystallized specimens, particularly from Arkansas. He has worked on a variety of mineral-related projects in the state and especially enjoys leading field trips for college mineralogy classes to his favorite collecting spot -- Magnet Cove. Darcy is a scientific illustrator and commercial artist. Specializing in airbrush technique, she also works in electronic and traditional media. Darcy studied art and medicine, and is associated with geology by marriage. A former employee of both the medical profession and state government, she is now a freelance work-at-home mom who designs and produces the Geology Collector's Series T Shirts under the Friend of the World (tm) tag line and philosophy.
Mike and Darcy are residents of Arkansas, which is a world famous locality for quartz crystals and many other minerals. Even diamonds can be collected in Arkansas, and many rockhounds enjoy collecting trips and vacations there. If you're interested in Arkansas collecting and minerals, be sure and check out the best Arkansas rockhound resource on the WWW, Mike and Darcy's Rockhounding Arkansas.

Table of Contents

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